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- Note
The main purpose of the project, Re-Generate TOHOKU, is to assist reconstruction of the areas
affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The initial project objective included hosting leaders from all over the world and
conduct a tour around the Tohoku region of Japan where they will learn from
and exchange ideas with locals.
Those leaders in their turn will send out the spirit of post-earthquake
reconstruction in Japan to the world.

However, during our visits to the area, we started to understand that bringing
leaders from the world at this moment may not be the ideal solution: action in
the area with tangible results and settling in the area to “help” more effective.
We are still discussing what will be the most help: lots of our members started
to initiate individual projects by themselves, whether in Funding, Starting up
companies, or technology backup.

The project was conceptualized and organized by thirty Global Shapers
Community members based in Japan,
most of whom are 30 years of age or younger.

We continue to foster and deliver the news from North Japan to the world: and
I hope that people will understand a bit about the situation even one year after
the disaster.